Daily Hacks: Youtube & Google Chrome

If you want to link a youtube video and want to play it from a certain time, just add ‘#t=xxmyys’ to the end of the link.

However up till now I did not figured out how to embed the clips by this way. It seems not to work in the embedded code.  😦 Suggestions?

Want to send a link to a web site from Google Chrome without installing any extension? Here you go: Select “Add bookmark” from Bookmark Manager and write into the URL-field
The drawback of this method is that an email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) should be installed on your system. By clicking on the bookmark, a new mail draft will be opened to send an email with the subject containing document title and in the body the link to the site. Modify, if you want.

mp3’s legal?

Eine weiter Möglichkeit seine mp3 Bibliothek aufzufüllen bietet Mp3Getter. Einfach nach einem Video suchen, aus den Ergebnissen eins aussuchen und schwups, kann man mp3 runterladen. Weil es mittlerweile von allen möglichen Liedern bei YouTube nur noch so wimmelt ist eine legale??? Möglichkeite paar mp3 zu schaufeln.