Android System Recovery

Heute viel Zeit damit verbracht ein Update auf Tablet “Fujitsu Stylistic M532” draufzuspielen. Alles wie nach Anleitung gemacht: zip-Datei runtergeladen, entpackt und die pkg-Datei auf die Micro-SD Karte geschoben. Start in den System Recovery Mode – Image? Fehlanzeige. Rumgemacht, hin und her, das Package manuell auf die interne Platte geschoben, umbenannt, mit der zip-Datei versucht – nichts klappt.
Was war am Ende die Lösung? SD Karte neu formatiert (FAT32 – unter Windows 8) und schon ging’s wie am Schnürchen…
Na super denkt man sich dann.. wieder ein paar Stunden verplempert…

KaOS: pacman automatisieren

Immer wenn der octopi rot anläuft, heißt es, es gibt Pakete, die es upzudaten gilt. Da ich diese Aufgabe fast jeden Tag erledige und nicht jedes einzelne Paket prüfe, sondern einfach auf’s “upgrade” drücke, wollte ich die Tätigkeit automatisieren. Octopi ist lediglich das (schöne, wie übrigens alle in KaOS) Qt-Frontend für die Paketverwaltung pacman, die von Arch Linux übernommen wurde. Um die Aktualisierung der Paket automatisch täglich durchzuführen habe ich einen Miniscript im cron.daily-Verzeichnis angelegt. Anleitung dazu kommt von der Ach Linux Wikiseite, die ich leicht modifiziert habe (die Option w habe ich weggelassen, denn ich will ja gerade dass automatisch installiert:
innerhalb /etc/cron.daily/packageupdate
pacman -Syu --noconfirm


My Perfect Raspbmc Setup

Since I’ve received my Raspberry Pi couple of months ago, it took a while for me to find out the perfect configuration. By perfect configuration I mean running 1080p-HD-videos without clipping, caching, freezing or anything else. Just lay back and relax the movie.

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Daily Hacks: Youtube & Google Chrome

If you want to link a youtube video and want to play it from a certain time, just add ‘#t=xxmyys’ to the end of the link.

However up till now I did not figured out how to embed the clips by this way. It seems not to work in the embedded code.  😦 Suggestions?

Want to send a link to a web site from Google Chrome without installing any extension? Here you go: Select “Add bookmark” from Bookmark Manager and write into the URL-field
The drawback of this method is that an email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) should be installed on your system. By clicking on the bookmark, a new mail draft will be opened to send an email with the subject containing document title and in the body the link to the site. Modify, if you want.

Set DIR command default parameters

Since I don’t like the the default parameters of the DIR command in the command line mode, I wandered if there is a way to set it permanently, to avoid typing each time “DIR /O:G/P” for example. And of course there is a way, following step-by-step for XP, but should be kind of similar for other windows versions too:

  1. Win + Print opens System Properties dialog
  2. Klick on the Advanced tab
  3. Environment variables
  4. Add a new variable with the name DIRCMD and the value(s) you want to be displayed in System variables field.
That’s it. Enjoy.


What is Exception-Safety?

Informally, exception-safety in a component means that it exhibits reasonable behavior when an exception is thrown during its execution. For most people, the term “reasonable” includes all the usual expectations for error-handling: that resources should not be leaked, and that the program should remain in a well-defined state so that execution can continue. For most components, it also includes the expectation that when an error is encountered, it is reported to the caller.

More formally, we can describe a component as minimally exception-safe if, when exceptions are thrown from within that component, its invariants are intact. At least three different levels of exception-safety can be usefully distinguished. These distinctions can help us to describe and reason about the behavior of large systems.

In a generic component, we usually have an additional expectation of exception-neutrality, which means that exceptions thrown by a component’s type parameters should be propagated, unchanged, to the component’s caller.

From boost c++ libraries