Eclipse Helios + MinGw: Adding icons to the application build

Recently I’ve worked a Win32 API tutorial ( for creating a simple graphical program. At the point where the icon has been added to the app, however, I’ve got stuck. The compiler did not give an error messages but neither the icon nor the menu did appear. What the hell?

I’ve found the solution on Written for Eclipse Galileo, it works with Helios as well. So, here the short story:

Go Project ->Properties. There follow C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Build Steps.

windres ../src/resources.rc -o ../Resources/resources.o

Note that this is only valid, if you already have your resources in the src folder. Otherwise replace/delete src (and omit Resource, if not required).
Finally go to the Tool Settings tab, then MinGW C Linker -> Miscellaneous and write in the “other objects” field.



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