JavaScript: “window.status” in Google Chrome


<a href="example.html" onMouseOver="window.status='This sentence should become visible in the status bar of chrome'; return true"
		onMouseOut="window.status=' '; return true">Hover da mouse</a>

While the “window.status” command works correctly in the IE, it does not seem to work in Chrome. When hovering the mouse over the link, just the link adress is shown.

Solution: Actually no solution, at least I did not found out. Just the information that the ‘dom.disable_window_status_change’ is disabled in Chrome due to security issues. While you can configure it in FF by typing ‘about:config’ in the address, there is no such a ‘hack’ in Chrome.

However, if anybody does know a fix, feel free to comment. Thx.


3 thoughts on “JavaScript: “window.status” in Google Chrome

  1. Yup, still seems to be the case 2 years later

    using Chrome/OSX 17.0.963.83 and window.status is ignored

    I guess its to help users avoid phishing attacks, where malicious links or script hrefs masquerade as something valid, but for us white-hat web developers, its a pain in the ass 😦

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