Want More Speed? Turn On Wi-Fi Afterburner


Is the common Wi-Fi to slow for your demands? Are you one of the guys who dream of streaming HD vidz from their media server but are still limited by the common turtle speed?

Then strap on the seatbelts. An Agreement between Wi-Fi Alliance and Wireless Gigabit Alliance states that Wi-Fi Alliance will open up their specs to new frequencies in 60 GHz range in contrast to today’s 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. This expansion of operation mode will be accompanied by much higher speeds up to 6 Gbps compared to (theoretical) 150 Mbps of those lower spectrum.

Of course dudes will kick some knowledge and say “hmm, 60 GHz, pretty high, what about the propagation range?” Well, indeed the main drawback is that the application of devices providing that mode of operation, will be restricted to a line-of-sight connection as the waves won’t be able to hit through walls. However the increased throughput is supposed to be worth it.  Besides, the devices will support two or even all three bands to switch the operation mode by demand.

To rely on the statement of Edgar Figueroa, executive director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the first routers and gadgets with above capability will be available within next two years.

resources: Mashable, Wired


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